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BORN OF WARRIORS’ experience


Winkler Knives is a custom manufacturing operation that represents the evolution of Daniel Winkler’s knife making experience coupled with the needs and expertise of Tier 1 Special Operations Teams from around the world. Winkler Knives’ specialty is producing knives and axes with specific attributes, rather than accepting limitations typically inherent to cutlery factories. This is accomplished by automating processes in initial stages of production, then transitioning to tasks that can only be accomplished by hand. Winkler Knives employs a team of highly skilled apprentices that learned their trade under the direction of Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler. Each artisan takes pride in crafting tools that can literally mean the difference in life and death- and have! Countless letters from the field attest to the unfailing performance of Winkler Knives’ products.

As a custom manufacturer, Winkler Knives offers product attributes that are not common to cutlery production. One distinct feature is the ability to taper tangs which significantly impacts balance and reduces weight. These same attributes can also be attained by skeletonizing handles. Winkler Knives has the flexibility to choose the option best suited for intended use. Another unique aspect of Winkler Knives edged tools are full blade bevels resulting in higher cutting performance and reduced weight.

Heat Treat Done Right

It is a widespread practice in knife making to heat treat knife blanks prior to finish grinding. This is done to grind away warpage. Grinding after heat treating means removing the properties instilled during the process. Not Winkler Knives! Steel is ground to shape then heat-treated. At Winkler Knives a warped blade is a cull. Edged tools produced by Winkler Knives possess all the metallurgic attributes achieved by proper heat treating.

Quality Control Checks

Quality control checks are in place throughout Winkler Knives’ manufacturing process. Employees initial nine different operations indicating product integrity at each step, beginning with the veracity of the finish ground knife or axe and finishing with hand sharpening. Afterward, two more inspectors check that finished products meet quality standards before packaging.

Not surprisingly, the edged tools and carry systems that meet the standards of professionals- what we call “practical tactical”-are well received by civilian outdoor enthusiasts, as well. Tactical is defined as “actions carefully planned to gain a specific (military) end.” Practical means: “the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory or ideas.” Practical Tactical: Proven performance from tools designed to perform specific tasks.