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WK Ranger Axe WK Ranger Axe
WK Ranger Axe
WK Ranger Axe WK Ranger Axe
WK Ranger Axe WK Ranger Axe

WK Ranger Axe


As the name suggests, this axe was first designed for Army Rangers. The WK Ranger Axe design is influenced by a tool carried by the famed Rogers Rangers in the 1700’s, but with the added benefit of a full, skeletonized tang. An easily replaceable paracord wrap on the upper half of the handle prevents damage from a miss-lick, plus provides cordage in emergency situations.

The WK Ranger Breaching Axe is essentially the same axe as the WK Ranger Axe, but with a pry bar on the end instead of an integral glass breaker. This is truly a versatile breaching tool.

Axe Specifications

  • Axe steel: 80CrV2
  • Black oxide no-glare finish
  • Head length: 6 3/8"
  • Overall length: 12 1/2"
  • Blade thickness: 1/4"
  • Skeletonzied full tang
  • Integral glass breaker or optional prybar end
  • 1/2 paracord wrap handle


  • Fast draw carrier
  • Lined Kydex®
  • HD shockcord quick-release retention system
  • Nylon belt straps with Mil-Spec Pull-The-Dot™ snaps
  • Designed for multiple carry options
    (See our Info page for carry options)

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