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BORN OF WARRIORS’ experience


Handle information

Standard handle materials

Wood and laminate handles are textured to achieve better grip. Rubber handles naturally provide secure grip whether wet or dry. 


Special handle treatments

The handle treatments shown below may be applied to the above handle materials at an additional cost.


Custom handles

Shown below are custom handles that may be available at an additional cost.
Please Note: The sculpted treatment are exclusive to these options.


Care instructions

These tools are made of high carbon steel and are not stainless (except our S.A.R. model), It is normal for the no-glare finish to wear with use, taking on an antique appearance. This process can be hastened by lightly buffing the steel surface with #0000 steel wool.

Clean and oil after each use. Sharpen with natural or diamond stones, then strop with belt leather or hard cardboard. Power sharpening is not recommended.


Sheath and carrier information

Axe carrier mount options

Your Axe carrier is designed with multi-carry options. The belt loops will work on a belt or attached to a Molle loop system. The loops allow the axe to swing out of the way when getting into or out of a vehicle/aircraft, or in close quarter situations. The lining reduces noise when drawing the axe and helps protect the finish. 

Knife sheath mount options

Your Knife sheath can be worn vertically or horizontally, right or left-hand draw. The included nylon spacers vary in thickness. Select the set that best fits your needs, then match with the correct length screws. Tighten the screws once the sheath is in the desired position. This action will provide the proper fit. The Leather Loop is easy on and off the belt. The Belt Clip can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Molle Loops can mount vertically, horizontally or at a 45-degree angle.