WK II Ranger Axes

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WK II Ranger Axes
Photo by Eric Eggly
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These axes were patterned after an historical axe identified as belonging to a member of Rogers Rangers.
In Spring 2015 the WK II Ranger Axes were a surprise element in the Top Ranger Competition where participants had to throw the axe.
The full, skeletonized tang Ranger axes are made of 1/4" 80crv2 carbon steel which means they are considerably lighter than the other axes in the Winkler Knives II collection.
Two models are available. The standard Ranger Axe has a glass breaker as part of the tang. The Ranger Breaching Axe tang features an integral breaching tool.
The axe head is 6 1/2" from cutting edge to spike. Overall length is 12 1/2".
Available with either black Micarta, tan Micarta, maple or recycled rubber scales on the lower half and a 550 cord wrap on the upper section of the handle.

Ranger Axe $450.00
Ranger Breaching Axe $475.00

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